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A WEIRDO Winter Wonderland?
You probably saw a card somewhere around town with our "Call for" on it. If you are interested in being in AWWW or have questions, email creepymozzarella@weirdo.pizza

Another good place to find info is our Facebook event 
This site currently still has the info for our September street fair thing we did on it, it will be updated closer to AWWW with schedules and participants. Feel free to check out what we did last time in the meantime. Thanks!
Follow our instagram to see stuff if can't just use your eyeballs @weirdooddfest
Who is this?
KCFC is a cooperative grocery store. 
 We aim to benefit the community economically by hiring local residents and selling locally made products. Socially we are a community hub that offers meeting space and events
Fireball Printing specializes in quick turnaround custom print projects along with all the normal printing stuff. We have strong ties to the art community and really like the idea of street festivals. 

Saturday, September 21st 2019

2pm - 8pm

Art, oddness, dogs and some scarecrows made of trash. Also music, food, beer and some stuff for your kids to do. 

Come be weird with us, it's okay, we're all friends.

Located on the beautiful asphalt sea that is the Kensington Community Food Coop parking lot, in the Fireball Printing building and on Coral Street between the two.

2670 Coral St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

We also have a lot of info on the discussion tab in our Facebook event (sorry), feel free to check that out too!



 Do you feel a need to build a bird frighting device out of garbage? Would you like to help spruce up the Kensington Community Food Co-op in a Halloween-y type fashion? Then, my friend, this contest is for you! If you are interested, simply send an email to
 Subject: Scarecrow.

We’re probably not going to run out of spots. I just want to make sure everyone who wants in, gets in. Like honestly, just start making one now.

 Your scarecrow must:
-Be made of post consumer type junk (tape, screws, etc. are fine too) 
-It should be relatively safe and clean (wash the food out if the garbage once held food and don’t make anything sharp).
-Let’s say it would have a MPAA of PG… maybe PG-13. 
-Be able to be outside in the weather through Halloween 
-Be able to be recycled/disposed of in a case where it doesn’t survive the weather or you never come pick it up afterwards. 
-Have a pole or board up its back for us to attach to stakes we will drive into the ground.

 We’ll be planting these trash golems in the long flower box lining the front of the KCFC parking lot! Your work will be on display for all to see and you’ll be helping to draw positive attention to the Co-op!